Black Board Specials

Blackboard Specials April 2017


Minestrone – served with fresh Italian bread                              9 / 13


Sydney rock Oysters –

Choice of: Natural or Kilpatrick                                         18 1/2  30  Doz

Scallops – with roe on pan fried in a garlic cream sauce.                18

 Crêpes with beef ragù                                                                                       18

Freshly made crepes filled with braised slow cooked beef and Tomatoes, celery and carrots baked in the oven.                            


Chicken and mushroom Lasagne                                                               24

A light Chicken mousse and mushroom baked in the oven.


Traditional Serbian Paprika                                                                           32

Red capsicum stuffed with beef and rice. Baked in the oven in                a tomato sauce thickened with fried paprika and flour. Served with cucumber salsa and sour cream.

Fish (Market fresh fish)                                                                                     38

Served with a crispy potato gnocchi and watercress salad,  and lemon aioli.





Italian Restaurant and pizzeria