Main Menu including Desserts

Le Rendezvous Main Menu

Entrées and Starters (V)

Plain Italian bread with vinaigrette (2 Slices)                             4.00

Italian Garlic, Herb or Mixed breads (2 Slices)                          5.00

Pizza breads (Medium or Large base) (V)                            10/15.00

Choice of Garlic, Herb & Cheesy garlic served with sea salt & olive oil.                                   

Tomato Bruschetta (2 Slices) (V)                                                     12.00

Fresh Tomato, basil, garlic & olive oil.

 Antipasto                                                                                                      21.00

Gourmet meats, marinated olives, cheese & roasted vegetables, crispy calamari & Prawns.

Bocconcini e Pomodori (V) (GF)                                                     12.00

Fresh tomato, bocconcini, olives, capers & fresh basil. Drizzled with virgin olive oil.

Bagna Cauda                                                                                             12.00

Assortment of seasonal fresh vegetables, fresh bread & a garlic & anchovy dipping sauce.

Sicilian Salad (GF)                                                                         10/ 14.00

Tuna, anchovies, egg, capers, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spanish onion, fennel, celery, olives & vinaigrette.

 Side dishes (GF)

Seasonal Vegetables (V)                                                         8.00

Chips (V)                                                                                          7.00

Garden Salad or Greek Salad (V)                             8/ 12.00

Rocket, Parmesan, Pear & Prosciutto Salad     9/ 12.50

# Add grilled chicken breast       6.50

# Prawns/calamari                           7.00


Crispy fried White Bait (Ent)                                                       16.00

Lightly coated in flour & hot paprika served with aioli.

Whole Sardine/s (Ent)                                                                      16.00

Pan fried in butter with fresh tomato, garlic & parsley salsa, served on chargrilled Italian bread.

Grilled Fish (market fresh fish) (GF)                                       29.50

served with salad, chips & lemon butter sauce.

Garlic Prawns                                                                               17/ 24.00

Pan fried in garlic, chilli & olive oil, served on char grilled Italian bread & side salad.

Frito Misto                                                                                              24.00

Lightly fried whole sardines, calamari, prawns, &   mussel’s gratin served with salad & lemon.

Calamari (GF)                                                                               17/ 23.00

Calamari lightly coated served with chips & garden salad.

Chicken and Veal Dishes

Pollo Pomodoro olive (GF)                                                           29.00

Chicken breast pan-seared with garlic, sage & olives in a rich tomato sauce, served with seasonal vegetables & mash.

Veal Al Limone (GF)                                                                           34.00

Pan-fried veal with lemon, butter & white wine sauce, served with seasonal vegetables & polenta mash.

Veal Marsala (GF)                                                                                34.00

Pan-fried veal & mushroom in a creamy Marsala sauce served with seasonal vegetables & polenta mash.

Chicken Schnitzel                                                                                22.00

Crumbed chicken served with garden salad & chips.

Chicken Parmigiana                                                                            28.00

Crumbed chicken with fresh tomato sauce, ham & melted mozzarella cheese, served with seasonal vegetables & potato mash.

From the Char Grill (GF)

Choose between a 250g grain fed Rump Steak or grain fed scotch fillet. Served with Potato mash & seasonal vegetables.

Upgrade to a 400g steak. Add to price below:              8.00

Pepper Sauce                                                                                      32.90

Green peppercorn, hint-of-garlic & brandy cream sauce.

Dianne Sauce                                                                                      32.90

Traditional sauce of garlic, Worcestershire, onion, parsley & brandy cream sauce.

Steak & Seafood                                                                                36.90

An assortment of fresh seafood in garlic & cream sauce.


Lasagne                                                                                                  22.00

Home-made, fresh pasta layered with a rich bolognaise sauce, béchamel & mozzarella cheese served with garden salad.

Gnocchi                                                                                                 19/ 22.00

Home-made potato gnocchi with traditional tomato & herb sauce.

Ravioli                                                                                                    20/ 23.00

Home-made spinach & ricotta filled ravioli with a rich tomato sauce.

Sicilian style Casarecce (V)                                                      17.50/ 20.00

Casarecce pasta tossed with roasted eggplant fresh tomato & fresh basil. Topped with homemade ricotta cheese.

# Add 6.50 for grilled chicken

Risotto (GF)                                                                                        17.50/ 20.00

Mushroom, chicken & crispy prosciutto.

With a choice of Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccine or Risotto (GF) choose your own combination of pasta & sauce from the following options below:

Bolognaise                                                                                           17.50/ 20.00

Traditional bolognaise sauce.

Meatballs                                                                                            17.50/ 20.00

Beef & pork meatballs in a rich Italian tomato sauce.

Marinara                                                                                             21/ 24.00

An assortment of fresh seafood seared with a hint of garlic, onion & white wine tomato sauce.

Capasante                                                                                          20/ 24.00

Pan seared scallops in a butter, garlic & white wine sauce with baby spinach.

Carbonara                                                                                          17.50/ 20.00

Crispy bacon, garlic & mushrooms tossed with fresh parsley & cream. (egg free)

Caponata (V)                                                                                    17.50/ 20.00

Broccoli, garlic, olives, capers & parsley in a rich tomato sauce.

Pollo Al Pesto                                                                                 17.50/ 20.00

Chicken, pesto & sundried tomatoes, with a white wine & garlic cream sauce.

Arrabbiata                                                                                        17.50/ 20.00

Bacon, mushroom & chilli in a rich tomato sauce, easy on the sauce.

Prawns Aglio Olio                                                                          20/ 24.00

Prawns tossed through garlic, spanish onion & chilli infused olive oil, garnished with fresh parsley.

Pasta e Piselli                                                                                   17.50/ 20.00

Double smoked ham, peas, garlic & celery in olive oil.

Tono                                                                                                       17.50/ 20.00

Garlic, fresh tomato, chilli, capers, anchovies & tuna tossed through with basil.

Amatriciana                                                                                       17.50/ 20.00

Garlic, bacon & chilli in a rich tomato sauce.


Our fresh homemade bases stretched to order. All served with cheese & tomato sauce

Gluten Free available in a medium base

Hawaiian                              Ham & pineapple

Special                                    Bacon & onion

Napolitana                           Mushroom, olives & anchovies

Australian                             Ham, onion, bacon & egg

American                               Mild salami

Vegetarian (V)                    Pineapple, mushroom, onion, olives & capsicum

The Lot                                    Salami, ham, bacon, mushrooms, onions, capsicum, olives & pineapple

Pepperoni                              Pepperoni, Spanish onion & chilli

Mexican                                  Bacon & chili

Seafood                                   Marinara mix of seafood.

Capricciosa                           Mushroom, ham & olives

Cheese (V)                              Oregano

Small 12     Medium 19       Large 23     GF 21

Gourmet Pizzas

 Prosciutto                                Prosciutto, sundried tomato, olives, eggplant & artichokes

Tricolore                                    Fresh tomatoes, topped with fresh prosciutto, rocket and grated parmesan.

Lago Di Garda                        Fresh tomatoes, topped with smoked salmon, Spanish onion, dill & crème de fraiche.

New Jersey Meatball        Meatballs, salami, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, fetta, garlic & basil

Tandoori Chicken                 Marinated tandoori chicken, Spanish onion, chili & yoghurt

Meatlovers                                Salami, pepperoni, ham, meatballs, bacon, onion & BBQ sauce

Roast Vegetable & Fetta (V)   Eggplant, sundried tomato, roast capsicum, artichoke, Spanish onions & fetta basil pesto

Garlic Prawn & Bacon           Tiger Prawns, bacon, capsicum, onion, fetta and chili flakes

Quatro                                             Four Corners (Hawaiian, Special, Napolitana & American)

The Savoy (V)                               Fresh tomato, bocconcini & basil

Small 14       Medium 21      Large 27        GF 23

 All pizza served with Tomato sauce & cheese



All our desserts are Home-made                                                              12.00

Sticky Date Cake

Served warm with butterscotch sauce, fresh fruit, cream, & vanilla bean gelato

Traditional Pavlova

Single baked serve with cream and fruit

Tiramisu Cake

Classic Italian trifle, sponge finger biscuits soaked in coffee & liqueur, layered with mascarpone

Dessert Crêpes

Served with your choice of lemon butter & sugar sauce, berry coulis, chocolate or butterscotch sauce served with vanilla bean gelato, fresh fruit & fresh cream

Banana Split Vanilla bean & Strawberry gelato, fresh cream, peanut brittle crumble & warm chocolate sauce

Black & White Chocolate Mousse topped with berry compote & fresh cream

 Bailey’s Panna Cotta served with an espresso syrup and fresh cream

See blackboard for this week’s special desserts

  •  Baked cheesecake served with vanilla bean gelato, fresh cream & fruit
  • Crème brûlée
  • Fresh Tart served with fresh fruit, vanilla bean gelato and cream


       1 scoop 5        2 scoops 8      3 scoops 10

  •  Ask waiters for current flavours

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